What to Know About HMS Site Kit

by Philip Jara

The HMS site kit provides developers with reliable and easy access to places and locations. Therefore, developers can use different features provided by site kit to discover the world. You can use it to get adequate information about a given location.

Integrating HMS Site Kit

Usually, a developer ought to create an APK for the project. You can find detailed steps on integrating site kit on the Huawei website. Start by creating your signature and generate a signed APK. After this, you can determine the password and set rules to the file on your app. You can complete your signup process and choose a version of the application, such as debug and release, with signature versions. When you complete the process, you can make configurations of the file depending on the level of application.

Keyword Search

This is an important feature provided by the HMS site kit. You can search for lots of places that include colleges, schools, hotels, and restaurants by providing information such as coordinates and keywords. Taking into account data from the search, it is possible to access lots of information such as an address, phone numbers, name, and images. You can easily access the information on the address piece by checking various variables and even alter how the address notation works.

When you perform a search query, you can set your criteria. These are some of the duties you can assign the criteria.

Query – This can be used to specify key phrases used in the search process.

Radius – This is used when making search results within a radius that is determined in meters. It takes values from 1 to 50000.

Location – This is used for specifying longitude and latitude values with the coordinate object. Also, it ensures that the results you get are closer to the location.

Language – You can also specify the language for search results. However, if you do not define this parameter, the default language takes precedence.

Other parameters include page size and page index. After determining your criteria, you can use the text search feature.

Nearby Place Search

This is another important feature of the HMS site kit. With this feature, you can acquire a list of different places based on a user’s location. When the search is performed, you can configure search results based on the application and even specifying parameters.

When you want to search the nearby places, you ought to create a request object. After this, you can specify the criteria to configure the search results. Remember that you can alter your criteria as you want. First, there is a need to report the current location of the user or the last location. This is needed to get an accurate result.

Place Detail Search

It is possible to get detailed information regarding a place using the HMS site kit. In this case, you need to utilize a feature known as place detail search. You ought to determine the site’s ID value. The two important parameters, in this case, are site ID and Language. After providing values for these parameters, you can start getting detailed results. Another feature you will like about this kit is the place search suggestion.

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