Why You Should Switch From iPhone to Android

by Philip Jara

The major mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. A lot of people cannot agree which among the two is better. You should note that each OS has its pros and cons. For some people, Android is better than iOS for these reasons. However, the change will come with its share of challenges. You may find it challenging to transfer your files. You can now copy whatsapp from Android to iPhone with Backuptrans easily.

Android Features

Open Source OS

Remember that iOS is a closed operating system. Therefore, there is no other company that can use it other than Apple. After manufacturing a phone, you cannot install iOS as your operating system. This is considered a privilege to iPhones only. What that means is that the OS has a trademark. Therefore, you cannot customize it, modify it, or make changes without the permission of Apple.

On the other hand, Android is an open-source operating system. That means any developer or manufacturer can use it on any given product. As a result, many mobile phone brands use Android. If you are interested in making smartphones, you are free to use Android. Also, you can make changes as much as you want. The good thing about Android is that it is easy to use.

Third-Party Applications

Both Android and iOS have their app stores where you can find new apps. For the iPhone, you have no option other than using the App Store. Therefore, if you want to use a certain app, you have to wait until it is available in the App Store. You cannot be allowed to install applications from other parties. Also, apps are limited to geo-boundaries.

For Android, the Play Store is where you can find apps you need. However, if you cannot find the app you want, you can install APK files from developer websites and install the app on your phone. Therefore, you do not have to use another software or “jailbreak” your phone.

Freedom of Choice

There are different reasons that make iOS win during tests. That is because this operating system has been designed to work with a particular type of hardware. The developers know how to optimize the system to work in an efficient way. That is also the case with other types of hardware. On the other hand, Android is not meant for given hardware or a mobile phone; it can work on any given device. It does not matter whether the hardware on the devices is different; Android will work and offer the same features.

Therefore, Android provides you an opportunity to choose various devices. You can choose devices based on your personal tastes and budget. There are different models and brands with different prices and designs you can choose.

Longer Battery Life

If you have used an iPhone, then you know how its battery life is poor. After a few months, the battery cannot last for 24 hours. That explains why you will come across iOS users carrying power banks with them so that they can charge their devices several times a day. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent this. After 2 or 3 years, you will need to purchase a new iPhone.

For Android, if you do not like a battery of a given model, you can get a better option by buying another model. Since you have the freedom to choose what you like, it is advisable to choose a model that supports fast charging.

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