Transfer music to an iPhone from An Android Device

by Philip Jara

You recently switched from an android phone to an iPhone. You have some terrific songs on your android that you don’t want to lose. Downloading your iPhone’s music will likely cost you both money and time you don’t wish to spend. You desperately want to transfer your music from the android device to an iPhone, but is there a way? Absolutely! There are two ways to help you move your music from an android to an iPhone. Some users who sought this solution also wanted to know how to print text messages with Backuptrans. Below are two both effective ways to help you transfer your music between the two phones trouble-free.

Way 1: On a PC through iTunes

(Note: if you are using a Mac, you will have to install Android File Transfer).


  • Connect the android phone to your PC and move to the folder “Music.”
  • Create a folder on the PC. Then, select and copy songs of your choice and paste them on the folder you created.
  • Next, remove the android device connection from the computer and connect the iPhone.
  • On the computer, go toiTunes (which will be automatically displayed on the screen), open your library, then click “music.”
  • After that, go back to the folder on which you copied your android songs, drag the pieces to the Musicdisplay in iTunes.
  • Choose your iPhone, then click “music.”.
  • At this point, you can select only a few desired songs or the entire library.
  • Press Sync, then relax.

The transfer is complete! All your music from your android phone should be displayed on the Music app on your iPhone.

Way 2: Using Dr. Fone transfer software

Another option to moving music form android to iPhone is using Dr. Fone. Mac and windows are its available desktop applications.

The steps are simple and direct:

  1. Install the Phone softwareon your computer and run it. Click Switch on its welcome display.
  2. Connect both the android and the iPhone device. Both should be detected. Authenticate them, then select the option to transfer media.
  3. The software will detect both devices automatically. By default, your android phone should be tagged Sourceand your iPhone,

Note: there’s a Flip key you can click to switch their positions should they not appear in the above order.

  1. a) Select music on the android phone and click on Start Transfer. b) To transfer only selected songs, open themusicfolder on the screen. This will lead you to whole musical files, including audiobooks, podcasts, and songs. Select the file you want, then click export at the toolbar. Select “source,” in this case, your connected iPhone.
  2. Relax while the transfer from android to iPhone takes place.
  3. You will receive a notification once it’s done.

You have successfully transferred your music from android to iPhone.

Final Thoughts

You have now learned two ways to transfer your songs to an iPhone from an android. You no longer have to worry about how you will move your music from a droid to an iPhone. All you’ll have to do now is make a choice that works best for you, either Dr. Phone or using a PC.

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