How Do You Select The Right Power Bank?

by Philip Jara

One of the most important issues for anyone living in our generation is keeping our smartphone alive. It just needs to stay alive. Sometimes, we might be stuck in traffic or just somewhere without an electric outlet. It can be really stressful to deal with such a situation. This is where you need a power bank.

Called batterie externe by the French, power banks have been saving batteries for a long time. However, choosing the right power bank has become a real problem. The market is oversaturated with power banks. Worse, there are a lot of fake ones out there. So, this article will help you choose the very best available to you.

Choosing the right power bank for your phone

1. Your phone’s battery capacity

Sometimes, it’s more about your phone and less about the capacity of the power bank. If your phone’s battery capacity is high, then you might need to buy a power bank that has close to the same battery capacity as your phone.

This is simply one of the important things to know when hunting for a good power bank. If you get this wrong, then you might have just wasted very precious resources.

2. Look For A Power Bank That Puts Your Phone First

Power banks that put your phone first are extremely important. These power banks often come with a power cut ability. This ensures that if the power bank suffers from a short circuit, your phone will not be affected. It will simply be disconnected from the power of the power bank.

Single details might seem unimportant but might prove to be the difference moving forward.

3. Price

Yes, you might be on a budget. However, it’s always a good idea to buy branded power banks. First, branded power banks are simply better. You have a better chance of getting a working power bank compared to your choices with unbranded power banks.

While this is true, always look for a way to balance out the prices. You must do this especially if you are on a budget. The great part is that there are several good power bank options out there. This will allow you to get a fairly affordable one.

4. Overcharging

Charging your power bank with your phone is just like charging with an electric outlet. So, it might overcharge. You will lose more power than you need to and your phone might be damaged. To avoid this from happening, look for power banks that come with an auto feature. This feature should allow the power bank to cut off power once your phone is full.

This can come in really handy on the day you least expect it.


Power banks have become a necessity. If you live in countries that experience a blackout, it’s even more important. So, try to get one once you have the funds to afford it. It’s simply one of the best decisions you can take for yourself and your phone.

You simply have no excuses for having a dead smartphone.

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